Our story began in 1977 and we are the pioneer in engineering plastic compounding in Hong Kong with more than 40 years of experience in engineering polymer compounding specialty. 


Cheng Yu is driven to produce the highest quality for our customers and to ensure we uphold the competitive edge, in 1993, we have expanded our production capacity in Dongguan, China occupying a 25,000 square meters of industrial site. Our facility comprises of 12 compounding lines, 4 two stories warehouses, development laboratory and colouring department. Our facility has been certified by TUV for its ISO9001 management system. 

Over the years, through our dedication in continuous innovation, we have successfully developed a wide range of engineering plastics and specialty grade compounds under our Cheng Yu brand including Flame Retardant (FR), Glass Fiber reinforced (GF), Light Shielding and Reflecting, Light Disperse (LED Product), Impact modified, Lubricating, UV Resisting, High Gloss / Anti – Scratch, High Density and Alloys that are suitable for injection/extrusion of products in various industries.


As part of continuous development, Cheng Yu also offers professional colour-matching services for all our engineering plastic compounds.We utilise international colour-coding systems such as Pantone, RAL and DIC when coordinating the specific hues for our clients.


In addition to our specialties above, all our standardized products achieve the UL–94 standard and comply to environmental regulations and guidelines globally. 
Cheng Yu’s engineering and manufacturing departments will go above and beyond for the highest quality production with timely delivery services which are driven by our primary strategy; superior customer satisfaction.  


Our production facility is situated in Tang Xia Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China occupying a total 25,000 square meters. Inside our facility we have the production site, Quality and R&D centre, installed with 10 production lines, located in Dongguan, China comprise of 12 compounding lines, 4 two stories warehouse, development laboratory and coloring department. Our facility has been certified by TUV for its ISO9001 management system.


Our factory has installed with machineries that are originated from Germany, Italy, Japan and China. The implementation of these machineries allows us to produce high quality products, maximize work efficiency and also to maintain our strong competitiveness within our industry.


  • ISO 9001

  • ROHS

  • UL

Development History time-line

CYZPlastic specializes in plastic compounds for over 40 years with over 60 products acquired UL (Underwriter Laboratory) certification

  • 1977

    Company establishment.

    Production facility set up in Hong Kong and started compounding business.

  • 1988

    New plant established in Dongguan, China with 15,000 MT / year production capacity. The plant was integrated with R & D and color-matching department to upgrade and improve company's new product development and technical service.

  • 1993

    Further expansion & increase production capacity in Dongguan. The up-graded plant occupies a 25,000 square meters industrial site with design capacity up to 30,000 MT / year. New testing equipments imported from USA in the same year.

  • 1995

    Started acquiring UL certification for company's engineering plastic compounds, until today we have over 60 products officially listed under Cheng Yu brand & continues to grow.

  • 2008

    Replacing and certified by Germany TüV NORD for ISO9001 quality management system. In the same year, sales & service department established for export business.

  • 2012 - 2018

    During this period, CYZPlastic participated in many well known plastic exhibitions around the world, promoting our exporting business & continue to build Cheng Yu brand recognition in the overseas market. (Germany - K show, USA - NPE, Turkey and Vietnam plastic exhibitions)

  • 2019

    Explore potential business opportunity in countries that has taken part in the planning and development of the Belt and Road Initiatives, especially Southeast Asian countries (Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia).

  • 2021

    Focusing on sustainable green development, aiming to serve industries that wants to pursuit weight reduction, increase in environmental awareness and to reduce carbon emission. Specific focus should be on electric car industry and extend the idea of plastic instead of steel. Coordinate with Big Data and 5G network hardware providers to develop engineering plastics corresponds to their field application. Finally the expanding needs for R&D with 3D printing materials.

  • 2022 Expectation

    In response to unpredictable delivery delays and tight supply, Chengyu actively cooperated with manufacturers to provide new solutions for material replacement and renewal, and also developed and launched a variety of options, such as bio-based nylon (MXD6 and PA56, PA610) And PC alloys and suitable for low temperature applications, at the same time PA6 NH6GV3 (halogen-free flame retardant glass fiber filled 30%) material has obtained yellow card certification.